- 10 Lectures

- 20 hours

- 3 weeks

- 200 Exam Questions with answers

​- Calculations Q&A

1500 $

April 2020 FPGEE Exam 

500 $

- 15 Revision Lectures

- All Calculations and 

   Medicinal Chemistry


- Summaries materials

- 30 hours

- >1000 Exam Questions with answers

​- VIP revision secured software.

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Oct FPGEE Revision 2019

400 $

Apply for pharmacy schools

Pharmacy LICENSE course I

- 37 Preparatory Lectures

- 15 Revision Lectures

- +100 hours

- 4 Months

- 400 Exam Questions with answers

​- Special Calculations & Compounding Lectures and revision

​- 1 simulatory real exam

 Udemy lowest price Courses by Dr. Yayooo

1500 $

- 50 Preparatory Lectures

- 15 Revision Lectures

- +150 hours

- 7 times limited access

- 2000 Exam Questions with answers

​- Detailed Calculations Lectures and revision

​- monthly live meeting according to study plan



Frequently Asked Questions

750 $



- Is it an online courses or pre-recorded videos?
Yes, it is both (didactic course) which mean major part are videos but there is a live meeting every month for review of month topics and evaluate my students study.

- Could we interact with Prof. Yayooo, ask questions...etc?
Sure, after you join Course you will be enrolled to private WhatsApp. group while you can share all questions and requests with Prof. Yayooo then he will respond as soon as possible to clear your confusions.

- How long does it take to finish the session?

Usually we recommend to study 4-6 months earlier, But who ask to join before exam with 3 months I usually tell them to study harder as they have to study at least 5 videos per week to catch up with the group for exam. So, if you believe that you can study hard as 20 hr per week so you can join late, But if you can’t so I  strongly recommend to postpone to next course. For who already studied well and apply late, i just recommend join revision course not whole course.

Pharmacy Technician course

Pharmacy LICENSE course II

- 12 Lectures

- 24 hours

- 1 Month

- 300 Exam Questions with answers

NAPLEX Exam 2020

​​​​Dr.Yayooo Pharmacy Board Academy
Professional Online Pharmacy Board Education